Double Glazed Casement Windows traditional wood casements

We build our traditional wooden casement windows to the specified size of the original opening to avoid disturbing the surrounding walls. We manufacture casement windows with double glazing to the customers specified size and style in joinery grade high quality pressure treated timber in our UK Essex factory near London. Please call us for a competitive quote for custom made casement windows, box sash windows, double glazed traditional georgian sashes, wooden doors and timber staircases. Supplying all types of traditional wooden windows to London, Essex, Scotland, Birmingham, Midlands, Northern Ireland and Nationwide throughout England and United Kingdom.

Double Glazed Casement Window Specifications

Traditional style wooden casement window with double glazing.
Glazing Bar width 21mm bonded to glass
Back to back internal spacer bars.
22mm Double Glazed Units

Traditional Georgian Casement with Reddiseal Weather Seal

Weather sealed with Reddiseal system.
Fully draught sealed.

Casement Windows Material - Timber Specifications

Selected joinery grade European Redwood an environmentally sound energy effecient softwood.
European redwood otherwise known as Scotts pine has a light coloured sapwood and a pale red brown heartwood.
A durable fine wood with an even tight straight grain.
Our Redwood Timber meets all European security and energy effeciency standards.
The high durability, excellent dimensional strength and high insulation value make red wood perfect for timber windows.
Hardwood Sill

Preservative Treatment for Double Glazed Casement Windows

Protim 418 preservative fungicide and insecticide.
Treatment contains wax resins to provide protection against water damage. Insecticides in the preservative provide lasting protection against wood boring insects and fungicide to protect against wood rotting fungi.
Double vacuum impregnated timber pressure treatment.

Casement Windows with double glazing undercoat and paint finish

Pre coated basecoat primer undercoat.
Optional paint topcoat applied in your choice of satin or gloss. Painted to your specified colour for a high quality factory finished surface.

Wooden Casement Windows Double Glazed London UK

Double Glazed Wooden Windows : Mumfords Flour Mill, Greenwich, London UK

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